Prague Local Guide: Must Visit // SUMMER


Prague is a vibrant city. Besides the sights, there are other places you should visit. On these places -which you probably won't find in a classic tourist guide - I want to focus.

Letná Park / Stalin Containall

If you want to relax after whole day visiting sights Letná Park is the best place where to go. The park is moderate size so you can't get lost or to get around park in less than in 1 hour and start to be bored. There is a possibility to borrow in-lines. Moreover, if you come to pendulum (the place where used to be statue of Stalin - so nowdays it is still called Stalin) you can see the whole Prague in the palm of your hand! Just next to pendulum is Stalin Plaza - famous street skatepark. Just a few steps downstairs you can buy beer or cider  - there is something like a little outside pub durning the summer and there are organised some events etc. movie projections or DJ Sets (for free!). 

Coffee Corner

Coffee corner is lovely place where you forgot you are in a noisy city but you are going to be feeling like in some peaceful summer destination. I recommend you to try one of homemade lemonade - especially the watermelon one! Prices are also affable (the lemonade costs around 50 CZK - 2 Euros) ! The bonus is that baristas are nice and handsome, haha. 

The Secret of Raw

Even if you are not vegan or you don't eat raw you should try one meal in this gorgeous restaurant! They serve brakfasts in the morning and main meals and desserts durning the whole day. I absolutely love raw cakes - piece costs between 3 and 4.50 Euros, but only one peace makes you full enough. You can also try just the half of a piece to safe your money (or calories, haha). 

The National Gallery of Prague

Presumably, the best art exhibitions you will find in the National Gallery of Prague. Highly recommend!

Meet Factory

For alternative art, concerts, night events, sometimes even a film projections and theatre you should visit the Meet Factory! Maybe it is quite far away from the city centre, but you won't regret! In the summer it is really nice to take a beer and sit in front of the building...

Chapeau Rouge

I used to go to this place as I was younger, now I 'd prefer another places but I know some of my friends still go there and travellers love this place. It is probably because this two-floors club offers commercial house music s well as alternative DJs in the underground and that is the way how to avoid squabbles in bigger group of friends where to go for party, when peers in the group doesn't listen the same music. The club is open every night, entrance could be free or for 3-5 Euro. On their FB page you can find the program.


Náplavka means riverbank in Czech. It is so nice go to Náplavka, in warm summer evenings buy beer and watch the sunset. In the Saturdays morning you should visit markets there with home made products and food. I will definitely love this place!

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